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Video Production

Anyone can make an average video, but producing a professional promo with the correct lighting, sound and expertise can elevate your production to an eye-catching masterpiece. 


Phase Drive Media's decades of experience will bring professionalism and efficiency to your project; whether it's a camera crew for your short film, post production on a new music video, or an all-in-one project solution. Our team will make it slick, professional and keep you watching, over and over again.

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promotional videos

(Starting from £650)

Visual media will soon become 90%of all content online and is the way we all share, communicate and consume information.

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Modern Marketing

Video campaigns are the modern way big and small businesses are keeping their audience engaged - so why not you? We specialise in creating engaging content to convert new prospects to your new customers and fans.


Boost your SEO

Search engines are primed to suggest visual content. Ensuring your brand has an exceptional promotional video will elevate your campaign from a side-show to centre-stage.  

A promo video needn’t be corporate

Is your brand formal, fun, flamboyantOnce we take your brief, we’ll take an in-depth look at your brand and work with you to craft extraordinary promotion content that will put all eyes on you.

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10% Discount on your

first project


Music & Events

(Starting from £750)

Setting the stage

Video is the primary medium in modern marketing, and with Instagram, YouTube and Tik-Tok, it's also the way we share information in our daily lives.

break out!


Listening and sharing music is social, and with 42% of the UK using social media, it's time to get visual!

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Whether you’re a local band or signed to a label, a killer music video could make all the difference in having a breakout hit and growing your fan-base.

Spreading the word of your venue or event? Highlighting the ambience of your occasion is crucial in portraying your brand's image. We offer scalable options from single to multi-cam perspectives to capture your atmosphere.


Exceptional Audio

Recording your gig or shooting your music video, we know that audio quality is your priority. Utilising our cross-division workflow, our team of musicians and producers will be on hand to ensure a pitch-perfect recording to accompany your video for the highest production value possible.

Video Production

(Starting from £160)

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Retro Filmmaking

A touch of nostalgia or a vintage appearance may be the stylistic choice to take your audience back in time. Our team can film your project with our own retro equipment, such as Super-8, to give a level of verisimilitude you will think you we're there!


industry professionals

Need a camera crew for your short film? Or a team for pre-production through to release? Utilising our decades worth of film production experience, we'll bring blockbuster professionalism to your production without the Hollywood price-tag.

the Digital Content era

Uploading regular content to your website, YouTube or blog improves your SEO tremendously - we know, we’ve done it and seen our client's results! If you need an idea or concept, we will help you discover your campaign, develop and produce it through to its final product.

10% Discount on your

first project


(Starting from £160)

the silver screen touch

No access to industry-grade post-production tools? Seeking a professional touch to your footage? Our team will provide a cinematic treatment to your project.


Your Vision made real

Taking your raw footage and polishing your project as we work alongside you, our experienced team can facilitate all your post-production needs until your creative vision becomes crystalline. 

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Industry standard

Besides helping you place edits with perfect timing, our team also offers some of the most difficult and time consuming effects to boost your production.

Colour Grading

Visual Effects

Digital Processing



at your disposal.

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the future of filmmaking

We strongly support upcoming filmmakers and providing our post-production services to manifest their creative vision is one of the ways in which we hope will allow them to flourish.