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Innovative Promotional Videos

All-Inclusive Media Production

Phase Drive Media is a UK-based media company who specialise in producing high conversion marketing video, music and photography for small businesses and private individuals.

Utilising our century’s worth of experience, we pride ourselves on creating bespoke, eye-catching content. Our tight-knit team facilitates dynamic cross-division workflow, ensuring our clients receive a complete trans-media service.

bringing your brand to the red carpet of marketing

Delivering the premiere impression to your prospects deserves to be as unique as you are, which is why you need a team that values your vision and brand.

The Phase Drive Media team has worked in a multitude of different fields promoting small businesses and private individuals from an eclectic assortment of industries.

Using our decades of expertise, we’ll formulate a promotional campaign targeted at your audience and achieve your goals, all the while ensuring your unique identity is front and centre.

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Video Production Services


promotional videos

Visual media will soon become 90%of all content online and is the way we all share, communicate and consume information.

Modern Marketing

Video campaigns are the modern way big and small businesses are keeping their audience engaged - so why not you? We specialise in creating engaging content to convert new prospects to your new customers and fans.

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Boost your SEO

Search engines are primed to suggest visual content. Ensuring your brand has an exceptional promotional video will elevate your campaign from a side-show to centre-stage.  

A promo video needn’t be corporate

Is your brand formal, fun, flamboyantOnce we take your brief, we’ll take an in-depth look at your brand and work with you to craft extraordinary promotion content that will put all eyes on you.

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Music Production Services

Music production & Mastering

Producing your song or album to record label quality, our passionate musicians and producers will immerse your audience and make your voice heard.

If you're an upcoming musician or established artist, with our roster of talented musicians on hand, we can help develop your ideas into a completed album, providing instrumentation or lyrics if required.

We can master you're music to both CD and streaming mastering standards, ensuring you can release your music anywhere.

Film Scoring

Scoring every edit, each emotion

We, at Phase Drive Media, provide a variety of music services ranging from royalty-free library music to bespoke compositions. Our team understand the value of both, however, tailor-made music can provide your brand with professionalism and individuality that will make you have a big impact.

From jingles to cinematic scores, lyrics to instrumentals; our team of musicians and producers will provide you with an initial demo synced to your visuals in the genre or style you desire. We will then work closely with you to develop and adapt the demo into the final master.

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Marketing Photography

Images with impact

A thousand words have a big impact, so using the right ones are important. An emotion, a desire, your brand, have nuance, and making your prospects engage with your campaign requires the right lens. Lending our extensive photography experience, we will place the spotlight on your campaign.

While we at Phase Drive can offer you so much, expertly deployed lighting rigs, decades of experience and expertise, we'll let our images tell you the rest.

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Phase Drive media Vlogs

One of Phase Drive Media's key beliefs is that knowledge is power and that a more educated world will inspire greater art and prosperity.


That is why we established PDM Vlogs so that we may share our knowledge for free to help the upcoming filmmakers and musicians of the future realise their ambitions.


We upload content every week covering a variety of topics, reviewing the latest technology, tutorials and tips, and sharing with you projects and ideas that get our creative juices flowing.

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our team

Neil Website V1.png
Neil Website V1.png
Neil Hibbert
Director, Music Producer, Composer, Photographer

Neil is our resident music & photography gear junkie, who runs fairly well on organic food and weapons-grade coffee.

He has decades of experience working in finance and an avid passion for music and photography.


Neil has performed, written and produced music for commercial release for bands and solo artists, as well as composing instrumental tracks for music & production libraries.

For just a taste of Neil's photography library and expertise, check out our photo gallery.

Dave Website V1.png
Dave Website V1.png
Dave Hibbert
Director, Music Producer, Composer, Musician

Purveyor of all things rock and roll, from studio recording and live gigs to intricately wired behemoth pedal-boards, there's not much Dave doesn't know about music.

Touring in LA in the early 2000's and recording blues and funk tracks with music legend Duncan McKay, Dave's half a century of experience has been spent on both sides of the recording booth (and now the cloud!)


In more recent years, Dave has imparted his knowledge working as both an independent guitar tutor and college lecturer. Dave's passion was one of the inspirations that motivated establishing Phase Drive Media's Vlog channel.

Sam Website V1.png
Sam Website V1.png

Sam has two passions in life: filmmaking and eating steak.


With over a decade of experience producing professional video and photography, Sam has produced short films that have captivated over a million viewers and chronicled weddings.

Sam has performed in bands, composed music for film and more recently combined his passions for music and film producing Trevor James' new music video Info-nation.

To give yourself a preview of Sam's talents, check out our latest short film Remain.

Sam Richardson
Director, Videographer, Composer, Musician
Dan Website V1.png
Dan Website V1.png

An experienced video editor and aspiring mixologist, Dan knows how to mix up the formula and add a dash of flair to any project.

Dan has over a decade of experience working in creative media, including film, animation, photography and creative writing. Attaining a BSC in Computer Animation, he has experience with some of the most cutting edge animation technology such as motion capture.


His passion and creative style has informed much of Phase Drive Vlog's tone through his editing and content, as seen in his coverage of Broadstairs' Folk Week.

Dan Hibbert
Director, Editor, Writer, Musician
Elliott Website V1.png
Elliott Website V1.png
Elliott Bagg
Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Musician

Fanatical about audio, Elliott has designed and built his own acoustic treatments as well as constructing a self-built extension to his home to accommodate his passion for sound.


Graduating from the Open University with a BA Hons in English Language and Literature, and a background in design,  he employs his skills developing branding, producing logos, building websites, and writing copy with integrated SEO.

Elliott is also a seasoned musician, performing in bands for over a decade and is currently developing his composing skills.