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Here at Phase Drive, we offer a varied range of media and content creation designed for your needs, be it promotional material, short films or a music track.

There's something for everyone, so take a look at some of our work.

Extraordinary concepts

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Whether it's  a camera crew for your short film, post production on a new music video, or an all in one project solution, our video team will make it slick, professional and keep you watching, over and over again.


Does it need a beat? Something more rhythmic? A classical sweeping score or something more 80s?

Whatever kind of sound and feel you need, our engineers and their extensive library of instrumental plugins will create something like you've never heard.


Need to show off all the features of that fancy new gadget? Something eye catching for a hot new accessory? Or just want some good looking headshots?

The photography team has everything you need to see things in a new light.


All this bespoke content has to come from somewhere, here you'll find the beautiful faces and dark backstories of those responsible for said content.

Come in, meet the team.

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Dave hibbert

Guitarist, composer, pedal nerd and sound wizard.

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Dave has existed for many years, some say he's been here since the first days of man. Nobody knows for sure.

All that is certain is how much he lives for creating music contraptions, pedal boards, looping setups and mono input rigs of madness to produce mighty tone and powerful sound.

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We, at Phase Drive Media, believe that knowledge is power and that a more educated world will inspire greater art and prosperity.


That is why we established PDM Vlogs so that we may share our knowledge for free to help the upcoming filmmakers and musicians of the future realise their ambitions.


We upload content every week covering a variety of topics, reviewing the latest technology, tutorials and tips, and sharing with you projects and ideas that get our creative juices flowing.

Neil Hibbert is director and resident music gear junkie at Phase Drive Media. With decades of experience working as an accountant and an avid passion for music and photography that exceeds it; Neil has performed, written and produced music for commercial release for bands and solo artists, as well as composing instrumental tracks for film, tv, radio and music libraries.

For just a taste of Neil's photography library and expertise check out our photo gallery.

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